Choosing The Best Laptop For Music Production

If you’re torn between HP’s leading models considered as best laptop for music production, then knowing every unit’s pros and cons can be a very good start to help you decide. In this article, we will try to dig deeper HP’s leading brand for music production based on different sources.

Some sources would consider HP EliteBook 8770w B8V66UT 17.3 and HP Pavilion DV7-7000 17.3, as among the most preferred models for professional music production. You ask what makes these units so special to be considered as among the most preferred laptops for music production? Simple. These models were tailored for professional music producers with its top-quality features

What makes an ideal laptop for music production

Before we dig deeper to the specifics of the two devices in question, let’s first discuss what makes a good laptop for professional music production. It is a basic knowledge what to look after when researching for the best laptop for doing music production works.

So let’s begin by enumerating things to consider that makes a good laptop for producing music:


ramRAM stands for Random Access Memory and is considered as one of the most common type of a computer memory. As its name describes, it is a type of computer memory that the computer can randomly access.  The higher the RAM’s capacity, the better the computer performs.

When picking a laptop for music production and for any other purposes, selecting the one with a higher RAM is a very important consideration. The laptop’s RAM will largely affect how it will affect the unit’s overall performance.

Graphics/Video Card

videoJust like the unit’s RAM, the graphics or the video card must be properly considered when the purpose of the laptop is for visual or even in digital works and projects. There are a lot of video cards that are available now on the market. When picking a video card, make sure it fits the laptop’s other features and specification to ensure that everything will work smoothly.


coreAmong all the major considerations when picking a laptop, the laptop’s processor seems to be the top concern that every laptop user should really care about. Regardless of the user’s purpose when buying the unit, the process plays a vital role in the laptop’s overall performance.


Obviously, the unit’s price is a major consideration when one is buying virtually anything. Determining the unit’s price is an important consideration that must not be taken for granted.

HP EliteBook 8770w vs. HP Pavilion DV7-7000

HP EliteBook 8770w B8V66UT 17.3


Video/Graphics Card: AMD FirePro M4000 (LED)

Processor:  Intel Core i5-3320M (2.60 GHz, 3MB L3 cache, 2 cores)

Operating System: Windows 7 Professional 64

Price: $1,699.00 (Amazon)

HP Pavilion DV7-7000 17.3

RAM: 8 GB dimm

Video/Graphics Card: GT 630M Graphicshp2

Processor: 2.3 GHz Intel Core i7

Operating System: Windows 7

Price: $1,399.99 (Amazon)

Time to decide

Now that we have covered enough about the two units in question, it’s time for you to decide which product to buy. By just basing on the products’ core specification, especially those that matter in producing music, we can tell which one is probably the best laptop for music production.

To guide you in your shopping, use these points to tell which one fits your requirements, preferences, and most importantly, your budget. So don’t be fooled by other review sites out there that points out to what they claim as the best unit in making music. It’s just an illusion, after all, it’s you who will decide what really is the best based and under certain conditions.

Finding Best Deals on Laptops Online

It’s no doubt that buying can be a very daunting task and finding the best deals on laptops either online or in traditional stores can be quite a task. So to make this process less frustrating and a lot easier, a buyer should be wise enough to recognize some of the things that must be taken into account before buying any gadgets.

In general, it’s now easier to find hot deals on laptops from different sources, especially online. However, finding the best laptop is quite another story and sometimes this is the area where most people find so difficult.

Do online shopping

couponsUnlike before, where you have to personally go to different stores and individually inspect every laptop before you can make a clearer decision. That’s not the case anymore. With the majority of computer stores also having their online stores, it’s now easier to browse their stocks and carefully examine whether these fit your requirements.

Online stores don’t only give you the ease of shopping because you don’t need to go to the stores personally, but because it also gives you plenty of shopping options like payment choices.

Use coupons

Using coupons is a very important tips for those who want to save a lot in their shopping. Different online shopping websites offer different coupons that can be used for different online stores and for different purchases.

Also, there are some computer stores that offer coupons that are ideal for those who are constantly looking for the best deals on laptops. Using coupons can cut your computer shopping up to 70%. However, the majority of these coupons that can be bought online have rules that must be followed in order to avail with the promo. Missing on these rules can invalidate the coupon at once.

So combining online shopping and coupons can be powerful ways to buy a good quality computer at discounted rates.

How to Pick the Best Laptops to Buy

Choosing which among the best laptops to buy can be a daunting task, let alone the options you have to weigh considering there are plenty of laptops on the market today. However, with due diligence and doing a quick research this rather complicated task can be fun and easy.

So in order to your search for the best laptops to buy easier and less frustrating, you need to take into account the core aspects that you should consider. Without this “guide” in mind ahead of time, it’s almost very difficult to figure out which one to buy because of the vast options you have to filter and screen.


studentProbably one of the single most important aspects to consider when choosing or buying a laptop is the purpose. Knowing which kind of tasks you will be using the laptop can really tell a lot of the unit and model that you should pick.

If you’re buying it for school purposes, then you can opt for laptops that are specifically made for students. Not all computers can deal with the demands of a student’s work. Sometimes, students use their computers from school until they get home to do their homework. So you have to be very careful when choosing a laptop for school purpose. Make sure it can deal with the demands of a student’s life.


Of course, another equally important aspect to consider when choosing a computer or any other gadget is your budget. If you have a good amount of money and you can afford more expensive laptops, then by all means you can go for more expensive models.

However, one has to remember that a laptop’s price not at all times a good indicator of its efficacy and functionality. In fact, there are much cheaper models that at par with more expensive units when it comes to functionalities and features.

Best Laptop Deals: Know What You’re Buying

The year 2013 has been a wonderful year for computer geeks. Indeed, that year featured different best laptop deals. However, for this year, the list has been updated and new laptops targeted for the same market has been updated giving laptop buyers more options to choose from.

There’s no doubt that choosing the right laptop can be a daunting and tedious job, let alone the great deal of choosing and picking you have to endure. But thanks to different means we can obtain information about laptops in particular that can help buyers and consumers alike in making decisions.

Check online reviews

reviewProbably one of the most effective ways of obtaining information about a certain product is to look for different reviews of people who have used the same product. Since these people have first-hand information about the product that you’re eyeing to buy, knowing from their perspective can yield useful information that can surely help you in finding the best laptop deals.

Being an informed buyer is very crucial, especially for tech products since there are a lot of information to digest and the majority of people are not aware of which aspects to consider and how much a certain aspect weighs on the decision they are about to make.

Ask a friend

friendAsking an outsider’s opinion or someone who’s not directly affected by your decision in one way or another can be a useful means of collecting reliable and unbiased information. Since this information that you will gather will be your basis in making a decision whether to buy or not to buy a certain laptop.

Asking a sales agent at the computer shop can be a questionable source of information. Since these sales agents’ main objective is to sell products, information that you can get from them can sometimes be questionable and unreliable. Also, their opinions may not really be their “real” opinion if they’re not selling a certain product.

If you would ask a sales rep about the product he’s selling, chances are, that agent will probably endorse it or make a positive review for that product. But if you’re intending to buy a competitor’s product, it’s likely that the agent will focus on presenting the cons of the product.

Qualities of a Good Music Production Software


Whether you’re starting recording artist or owner of a recording studio, the key to a quality audio recording the music production software and of course, the equipment.

If you combine quality equipment with the right recording software, you can expect high-quality audio recording or music that can actually compete with professionally processed audio.

With the help of music production software, you or your band can record your music at your pace and style. This can actually save you a lot of money and enable you to perfect your music because there’s no need for you to rush.

But this could also mean that you have to do the whole recording all by yourself. Unless you have some friends who are knowledgeable about the process, recording your music on your own can sometimes be tricky.

Things to consider

There’s actually no such thing as the best software for music production. It largely depends on the quality of the recording you want to produce. If you’re using the end result of the production for your demo, then you need to be very particular with certain aspects and feature of the software.


softwareSince the main purpose of the software is for recording purposes, you need to make it a point that the one you’re choosing allows different recording capabilities. With this, you need to make sure that important recording features such as write automation and loop recording are present. Without these features, it’s basically difficult for you to do other stuff that are very important.


Just like some important recording features, you also need to be very careful with choosing the right music production and recording software by making sure that some of the major mixing capabilities are also available.

Recording and mixing capabilities of a music recording and production software are two major features that one must look for. This can largely affect the performance of the software in general.

Best Laptop for Video Editing in 2014

When talking about computers, video editors are among those who have specialized needs for their machines. That’s why you can expect a lot of people are asking what’s the best laptop for video editing and for doing similar tasks.

Since video editing requires specialized tools, especially software, to do the work swiftly, one must choose a model that can withstand the demand of work that editing a video requires.

Based on different forums and reviews, among the leading manufacturers of laptops that are ideal for this kind of work are Apple, Dell, and HP. Although this is not absolute and there can be a lot of contention on what are the best or top brands of laptops for video processing, but this list somehow gives you a glimpse of the among the leading, which sometimes, is still subject of debate.

Apple’s Macbook 

macbookOver the years, Apple computers are well known for their durability, functionality, and overall performance. For specific purposes, Macbook, especially the later versions are indeed commendable for video editors.

With its popularity, you can rest assured that the majority of their products are indeed exceptional and generally good. However, you have to remember that it doesn’t necessarily that all Apple computers or MacBook that are ideal for editing your videos or any video production works.



Dell_HPAs we all know, Dell has a very impressive product line-up and history ever since. Choosing Dell sometimes equates to choosing quality. If you’re after sturdy but affordable computers or laptops, for whatever purpose, you might want to check Dell’s recent release.


Another good choice when it comes to video editing laptop is HP. The company has been rated as one of the most reliable computer brands across the world. No wonder HP is considered as one of the most preferred video editing laptop.

If you’re after quality and affordability, you might want to choose Dell and HP. But this doesn’t mean that the two mentioned brands are affordable. In fact, you can find models of Dell and HP that are as expensive as Apple computers.

Facts About Best Business Laptop

Just like students and music production professionals, businessmen have distinct needs that must be met when choosing the best business laptop. In order to achieve every businessman’s business goals, choosing a laptop that meets their needs.

Unlike students, who usually prefer budget-friendly laptops that featured-riced models, business-minded people on the other hard, would usually go for classy and models packed with features.

We all know that people in the business world are up for laptops that are packed with all features that will make their lives a whole lot easier.

What business people look for?


Earlier, we have talked a lot about features and just why business people prefer laptops with a lot of features. But what does mean? When talking about features of a laptop, sometimes it differs from a person’s perspective of features. For students, a laptop’s feature may vary from that of a businessperson’s.

Thus, when choosing a best business laptop, knowing what you really want from a laptop is probably the first step. For business purposes, some of the most important features include office applications that they would probably need in doing some business work.


Most business people prefer models of laptops that have very sleek and professionally-looking laptops. The laptop’s design is a major factor to consider when choosing them in the first place. Since the majority of business people will be carrying their laptops all around them mostly in public so the design is a major thing for them.

The brand

So based on different consumer review sites and blogs, Apple’s MacBook Air 13-inch (Mid 2013) seems to tops the list. The unit actually sports both sleek design and features that are ideal for business purposes.

Now that you know what are the things that make a good business laptop, choosing the best one that meets their needs and do their business works.

When Finding the Best Laptop for College, Consider…

Going to college is a major milestone for almost all people anywhere in the world because this requires a lot of hardwork and effort on the part of the students. To help them keep up with the demands and work in order to succeed in college, choosing the best laptop for college is a major decision to make.

But before you head your way to the computer stores, it is very important to have an idea what to expect and to look for from an ideal laptop that suits students needs and lifestyle.

As we all know, students as buyers have unique needs unlike any other market that must be considered when picking a device. The same principle applies to buying computer or laptop for that matter.

So in order to find the ideal laptop for student life, things such as the price, size, features, and other key factors must be considered by the buyer in order to find the perfect candidate to suit your needs.

Factors to consider


The main purpose of people using laptop instead of PCs is its portability. Thus, picking the unit that is portable as possible is a very crucial and basic aspect that must be considered.

Portability does not only cover the unit’s ability to be carried very comfortably, but it also includes its weight, size, and the ease of fitting the whole unit in a single bag with other stuffs that students would usually carry with them.


This is probably one of the most important aspects that most students would usually consider before anything else when buying anything the can use. Whether it is something that they would usually use in school or for personal purposes, considering the price tag is what most students are good at.


Although the majority of students are more concern of a laptop’s price and portability, taking into account its features is another important thing to look into and to find the best laptop for college.

Qualities of the Best Laptops for Students

Whether we like it or not, we can’t deny the power of technology and how it help us live a more comfortable lives today. With this, the demand for best laptops for students for instance is continuously increasing.

Computers are just among the many products of technology that humans should be thankful for. In fact, most of us today could probably not imagine a day without using any products of our predecessors’ innovative minds.

Whether professionals or students, laptops in particular have become one of the things that make peoples’ lives a lot easier and more convenient. In the past, it needs a lot of heavier machine and tools just to do certain things. But today, a single machine can do most of the tasks that these machines used to perform: the computers.

Today, more and more people, especially students are continuously looking for relevant information about the best laptops for students that they can probably use.

In order to help students in their quest for researching for the best device to suit their needs and lifestyle, this article aims to outline what are the things that should matter when looking for one.

Having an idea on what are the things that constitute an ideal device for a certain purpose is way better than not knowing even a single information at all. This will make the entire process a lot faster and more efficient.

Qualities of a good student laptop


Unlike any other people looking for a specific laptop to suit their needs, the one that students should probably consider mainly is the price. Since students would only need the laptop for basic functions like running some basic applications, buying an expensive and specialized laptop is rather impractical.


Since most students carry some other things other than their laptops, considering the size as well as the weight of the devise is another important factor to consider. Of course, the main purpose of laptops are their portability, so what’s the point of buying a bulky device that occupies larger space of a student’s bag or locker?

How to Spot the Best Laptop Brands

With the discovery of microcomputers, PCs have become a very vital components to make human lives more efficient and comfortable. But over the past years, because of its portability, more and more people are more interested in laptop thus, the number of people looking for the best laptop brands on the market.

However, before choosing the exact model of computer or laptop for that matter, knowing what constitute a good laptop. Knowing these things is very important to narrow one’s research and to ensure that every aspect of a good laptop’s qualities are being covered.

On top of jumping to specific brands of laptop, it is very helpful to have an idea what are the things that people should be looking for from a laptop other that its brand name.

Factors to consider

Past Experience

Collating you past experience on a particular brand of computer is a very helpful in determining which brand will probably work best. As they say, experience is the best teacher, so as with choosing the right brand for computer. Generally speaking, when a specific brand has a very good reputation, chances are, that specific brand will likely to behave the same way

Personal Preference

Don’t be fooled by the reviews you read on different websites. In most cases, these review sites are paid to write positive reviews to a specific product or write negative articles just to discourage people from buying it. Be very keen in taking the opinions you read from these review sites, you don’t really know what motivates them to write that reviews. With this, believe in your personal preference not from crappy reviews written by people claiming to be experts in their fields.

Ask some users

If you can find people who have personal experience using that brand of computer, it would be best to ask their opinion if they would recommend you buying laptop from that same brand. If plenty of people have the same terrible about the same brands, chances are, they are not considered as best laptop brands and buying from this maker would be risky.